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Audition Info Handout:

Click PDF Button to the Right.


Dancing Audition

Tuesday 11/12 -  7 – 9 p.m. in Dance Studio at PHS

All together learn dance (about 8 8 counts), little time to practice then perform for the group in groups of four.

Acting Audition

Sign ups posted outside the amph.

Sign up in groups of 10 for a 30 minute Acting Audition slot.

Read selected characters & scenes in your group with Ms. Schultz

Vocal Audition

WORKSHOP: Thursday 11/7     3 - 4 p.m. and 7 - 8 p.m. (get & learn required audition piece)

11/11- 11/13:  Sign up for 5 minute audition singing slot outside the choir room.

Sing required piece for Mrs. Smith, maybe do a couple of scales or sing part of another piece.

If you want a lead, it should be memorized & performed.

STUDENTS INTERESTED IN AUDITIONING FOR MUSICAL NEXT WEEK: here are some videos/songs to help you get a better feel for the characters.
1. Opening Number - Six months out of every year (Meg & Ensemble)
2. Heart (Van Buren, Baseball team)
3. Who's got the pain (Lola's punishment performance)
4. Those were the gold ole Days (Mr. Applegate)
5. Near to you (Meg & Joe)
6. Good bye Ole Gal & scenes before (Joe)
7. Shoeless Joe (Gloria & Ensemble)
8. Heart Reprise (Sister, Doris, Female Ensemble/Fan Club):
9. A Little Brains, a little talent (Lola)

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